Hass’ Diploma show.
‘The Magdalena’s’

We stayed sometimes eight hours at a time in our positions, moving appropriately to the Tango music and trying our best to portray an Image – connected to the mesmerising and hypnotic ‘Room’ of ‘Fine Art’ that Hass had created.
A woman in a dress of red roses sang, a man all painted in white stayed asleep, beneath him ‘Midas’ drunk and golden, an insect lady in the ceiling with lights in her hair and another woman dressed as a femme fatale intoxicated by the scent of her black slave who stood there in the corner waving his fan. A transvestite whore bravely selling time to all who passed by.
And then of course there was me! - Stuck on my podium for hours on end, a moving statue painted in white.
People came in and out, in and out – Exclamation, approval, surprise and delight and there I stood, on my podium looking down on it all like the
‘Whore of Babylon’
And Hass was a hero for a week
He received his Diploma and then it was all over and we went home and carried on with our lives


A 4,000 year old work of Art matured and ready
To add to the 2000th year rape of a ‘Magdelana'

I walk into the world and there is no-where to hide.
I am the other half of an Arabian woman in a dark veil,
and an unveiling of me - not to be bared
Scratched , raw underneath yet -
she enriched by her covering,
my figure beaten, penetrated so the dark soul of a predator always upon me and in my face –
Like a bold curse - ‘The Moon face of Metal’
sounding like the snakebite of a cobra.
I cover myself with a scarf,
glad it’s cold so to have that excuse to cover my face

I remember – and think...
Decide -
it wasn’t me, who took my clothes off,
It was another!
who 'd had enough.....
who wished to dive far down
enough to sink.

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